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David Fink

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With Gladhill Since: December 2004
Why You Choose to Work at Gladhill: It’s like my home! I love that we are still family owned and that we offer our clients a great product and experience.
When I Am Not Working, I Love To: Take pictures, work in my garden, hang out with family and friends, cooking
My Style: Eclectic
Favorite Fare (Food): I love all food. I do make killer mussels and lamb.
Best Vacation You Ever Had: I’ve never had a bad one. I do love Vegas and the Caribbean though.
I Love the Summer Season, Because I hate the cold.
Favorite Color: Purple
If Gladhill Furniture Had a Yearbook, What Would You Most Likely Be Voted by Your Peers: Most Sarcastic
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me: I’m a former CIA Operative.
If my co-workers could use one word to describe me & my style, it would be: Personable, outgoing & fancy. A touch of glam can never hurt!
We don't sell furniture, we solve problems. 3 things I can help you achieve when solving the problem:

  • Enjoying your space more

  • Getting the MOST out of your money

  • Making the form function


Designer Tips

With All... Dark colors it makes everything look bigger
What is some sound design advice you share when creating a:
Family room
To get the best comfort, know how you use the room. Try it like you use it.
Dining Room
Allow enough space! Don't overcrowd.
Master Bedroom
Don't be afraid to be eclectic. Everything doesn't need to match.
Kids room
Have Fun! Use Color. Make it a space they want to be in.
Kitchen Set
Go for oak - not for broke. It's beautiful, timeless and tough!
Home Office
Maximize your storage capacity. You WILL need it.
Living Room (not for entertainment)
If it is just a pass by... dress it up!
It only has 30 seconds to shine BUT make it budget friendly.