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We have hundreds of artisan, hand-knotted, unique rugs to choose from that will make a statement in your home. You'll find your perfect style, design, and color that will set your home apart! Our staff can help you determine the right rug for your space based on high-traffic or low-traffic areas, dimensions, and more!

With a choice rug, you can add color and bring your space together while protecting your floors. Rugs are a great accessory for any living space, from your bedroom to your entryway.

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Rug Sizes

Selecting Your New Rug

1. Measure the size of your room.
2. We'll work with you on the best color rug that expresses your unique style in your home.
3. You'll select from hundreds of designs or rug patterns and styles.
4. Select a rug based on high or low traffic areas.
5. Bring your fabrics, pillows & pics of your room. Let us help you find the best color rug for your space.
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Rug Fittings

Ask us about a rug fitting so you can see a selections of rugs and make sure your rug looks perfect to express your style.

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