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Suzanne Thompson

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With Gladhill Since: February 2018
Why You Choose to Work at Gladhill: I have been designing spaces, homes and other things including event venues and wedding ceremonies for many years. I find great satisfaction and a feeling of space for someone. Listening to people describe their vision and making that a reality is very fulfilling. Gladhill Furniture has everything needed to bring their dreams alive.
When I Am Not Working, I Love To: Be with family
My Style: Coastal Cottage
Favorite Fare (Food): Chocolate and coffee
Best Vacation You Ever Had: I am still planning that…
I Love the Fall Season, Because of the changing leaves
Favorite Color: Blue
If Gladhill Furniture Had a Yearbook, What Would You Most Likely Be Voted by Your Peers: Most likely to surprise you
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me: I like to watch “apocalyptic” movies. For example: The Book of Eli, The Road, The Postman, 2012.
If my co-workers could use one word to describe me & my style, it would be: I love the coast, I will likely be wearing something blue
We don't sell furniture, we solve problems. 3 things I can help you achieve when solving the problem:

  • I can offer you my experience & expertise in design & decor to help you fall in love with your home again.

  • Assist in choosing the best fabric, leather, stain choice, etc, for your furniture.

  • Accessories can really make a big difference when working on your room. I can help you find just the right pieces.