Selecting designs that fit both you and your home can be a challenging task. Why not allow one of our interior design experts to assist you in finding the pieces and styles that best fit you and your home. Design your dream home with accessibility and simplicity through our interior design staff, each with unique and signature styles that can only be found when shopping in the Gladhill Showroom!

1.)   Interior Design Consultants save you time when selecting different pieces and styles by finding specific colors and designs that match a room or style.

Our in-house design experts have a keen eye when choosing pieces that may fit your specific style, based on any specifications. We try to select pieces that represent you and your personality, while finding different pieces to match specifics such as durable fabrics or a fabric with limited staining ability. We can also find fabrics that are pet and child friendly or textures such as leather which offers great comfort as well as durability.

2.)   Expectations typically get exceeded when shopping with our expert designers.

Our interior experts have many connections and abilities to contact manufacturers in order to ensure your order comes out to your exact specifications. Using an in-house designer is a great way to receive exclusive access to all fabrics, finishes and other customizations. Our designers don’t pick pieces by mistake, each of our designers take their time in assisting you in finding great pieces to pull a room together and allow it to really reflect you!

3.)   Save valuable time as well as money!

Have you ever bought a piece in store, brought it home, and it was way too big? Or painted a piece multiple times with different finishes and it’s still not just, right? This won’t happen with our expert designers who will make sure everything is done correctly the first time.  Choosing to work with one of our designers will help you avoid costly mistakes and will allow us to get it right the first time. Our designers have many years of experience and qualifications that will give you confidence when selecting pieces from our showroom.

4.)   “Wow” Factor

When you or a guest enters your home, our ultimate goal is to bring out that wow factor and impress anyone who enters one of our expert designed rooms. Our designers always think creatively and spaciously which helps develop a full room rather than just a small portion of a room or house. Not only do we focus on design, but also our attention to proper lighting and fixture placements to complement pieces in a great way.


See some of our expert designers work in other clients spaces:

Great room in Washington DC designed by Christina del Real

Beautiful Sunroom by Christina del Real

Vienna, Va Sunroom by Christina del Real

Photography Studio redesigned by David Fink

VT Home designed by Christina del Real

Family Room by Catherine Christopher

Dining Room by Christina del Real