Sometimes, it feels good to be living in the lap of luxury. We go on vacation and treat ourselves to the nicest rooms, the nicest food, the nicest locations. You sit on the sofa in your Airbnb and never want to get up. The feel of the cushions on your skin - your arms, your legs, even your face - makes you think “Wow, what am I sitting on right now?” The answer to that question is: Leather


The good news is, if you want to have this same experience at home, there’s no need to smuggle the entire sofa out of your Airbnb. Here at Gladhill, we have plenty of leather goods that you can have in your own home! But, we know that purchasing the right leather furniture for your home is a big decision. And where would you even know to begin? Well, dear reader, we’re here to help you along this journey with three components to keep in mind.



Photo courtesy of Bradington-Young. 




If you’re going to purchase a new leather sofa, sectional, loveseat, chair, or even accents for your home, you’ll need to be sure that what you’re looking for is going to meet your comfort quota. In general, leather is known for the following:




Despite what some may believe, genuine leather is a breathable material. Oftentimes, when people think of leather, they think of sweat in the summertime and frostbite in the winter. This is simply not the case! Real leather disperses the cold and heat, making any genuine leather furniture comfortable to sit on in any weather. It’s the imitation leather that you want to look out for. 




Believe it or not, the comfort you feel in your home has more to do with the physical feeling of comfort - it’s also emotional! The atmosphere in a room also plays into your comfort level. Think about it; How many times have you walked into a hotel or restaurant, looked around, and just felt icky? That’s probably because the aesthetic of the space wasn’t up to your standards. And you should never feel this way when it comes to your own home! Leather furniture is known for being as beautiful as it is breathable. 



Feels Nice

As much as we would love to describe in depth the physical characteristics of leather, all you need to know is that it feels REALLY nice. It’s soft, it’s smooth as butter, and it’ll cradle you perfectly as your dreams lead you into another dimension. Simple as that. And what’s even better is that as your family begins to get used to the leather, it will adapt and continue to get even more comfortable the more your furniture is used. 




Photo courtesy of Bradington-Young.




Leather goods are known for being high-quality. But why is that so? What could possibly make leather furniture such a better quality than fabric or synthetic materials? The answer here lies in two characteristics: Its durability & usability, and that leather is built to last. 



Durability & Usability


Leather is long lasting and more durable compared to similar upholstered fabric pieces. It’s a material that gives furniture great value because it will retain its structural integrity for years after it’s been added to your home. It also doesn’t absorb liquid or stain easily, making it one of the more ideal materials for your furniture if you have kids or pets. 


Leather is also versatile - it can be used in both an old or new state, which makes it an all-around favorite material for furniture. Not to mention, leather also ages like a fine wine; As time goes on, scratches and blemishes are expected to happen. That’s just life! But the beauty of leather is that these scratches and blemishes only add to the uniqueness of the piece. 



Built to Last


Leather furniture, simply put, is built different. For example, leather sofas are typically built with spring suspensions and elastic webbings, making the furniture look more comfortable. The elasticity of the leather gives the sofa more bounce, which only increases its coziness as you spend more time watching your favorite show or playing your favorite game on it. In addition, foam and fiber components within the sofa help it maintain its shape. 



Customize your leather furniture for the perfect look for your home. 




Did you know that leather doesn’t just come in brown? While brown is a beautiful option, there are a plethora of colors and types of leather you can choose from when deciding what leather furniture to put in your home. 



Color Choice


Did you know that leathers come in purple and blue? You could even have a bright green leather chair if you wanted! These are the kinds of color choices available to you when personalizing your leather furniture. Choose from neutrals like beige and brown, pastels like purple and blue, jewel tones like orange and green, and much more! The possibilities are endless so that you can have the perfect piece for your home. 



Types of Leather


Just like fabrics, there is more than just one kind of leather! So when deciding what leather loveseat you want to buy, or how you want to customize your furniture, you’ll need to know these four types of leather:



1. Finished


Finished leather is typically the best choice if you have an active household. It’s resistant to staining and fading (which can happen if your kid spills their juice or if the furniture is placed in an area with near-constant sunlight), and also provides for the most consistency in overall color. Because of these factors, finished leather is known to be lower maintenance compared to other leathers. 


2. Aniline


Aniline leather is the material closest to the pure and natural forms of leather. If you’re looking for a glossy, shiny look, this is the leather type for you - it offers highlight effects, such as wax, pebble grains, or even a more distressed look. It’s tanned and dyed exclusively with transparent dyes so that the rich hues and uniqueness of the material can really come through. But be careful, Aniline leather is sensitive to extreme temperature and sunlight, so don’t leave it outside in the middle of a hot summer day. 


3. Aniline-Plus


Aniline-Plus leather is just how it sounds - It’s Aniline leather, plus a protective coat that allows for the look of the Aniline leather to shine through, but also provides an extra coating (like a topcoat of nail polish, but for furniture) that makes it more pet and child-friendly than other leather options. 


4. Nubuk


Nubuk leather offers the most varied and unique textures among leather. It’s dyed with transparent dyes, so the resulting colors are rich and vibrant, but it’s also slightly altered so that it feels much softer than other leather types. Think of it as a leather version of velvet - you can physically brush it with your hand, making for a distinguished and unique texture. Plus, it’s fun! 



If you’re looking to start personalizing your leather furniture today, get started with the Gladhill Design Center! Whether you’re starting from scratch with an empty room or just looking for one new piece, our team of experienced designers can help you with free design advice