5    Best Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Furniture


You'll love the selection of North American-made hardwood furniture. Gladhill has over 5 floors of selection to choose from! Some of our finest brands include Gat Creek, Canadel, Hooker, Sherrill, and Simply Amish


1. Durability


Solid wood furniture has some great advantages over other types of furniture, a top attribute being lifelong durability. The distinctive designs of solid wood allow any room to be complemented with a piece or multiple. The longevity of solid wood furniture is much greater than a piece of veneered furniture that can give off a vintage look as you enter the room.


Stickley Bedroom Set


2. Uniqueness


Furniture crafted from solid wood also offers great customization really allows each piece to feel like it’s made specially for you.  Solid wood furniture can be crafted to any specifications which helps the room develop a nice warm feel to it. Customization of solid wood allows intricate carvings that will not warp or dip, the piece will stay true to form. Customization also allows any wood to be cut to any height or length to meet your requests. Unique furniture offers a nice touch of visual appeal when added to a home.


Daniels Amish Dining Room Set


3. Versatility


Solid wood is very easy to refinish compared to upholstered furniture which would likely need to be replaced upon damage or a spill, solid wood has multiple customization options even after it gets delivered to the home! Solid wood can be re-finished in a print or stain to give the piece a new look and style to match a new rug or restyle a room. Solid wood can even be sanded down and reshaped if desired, which gives your furniture a completely new fresh look.


Gat Creek Gathering Table


4. Value


One of the greatest advantages of solid wood furniture is the value. Purchasing new furniture for a home is a great investment, which is why the durability and longevity of solid wood is a great choice for your wallet and provides beautiful visual appeal. Solid wood is also environmentally friendly because it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Wood is a versatile material that can be used in a much eco-friendlier manner than that of counter parts like plastic or synthetic material.


Stickley Bedroom Set


5. American-Made


Solid wood offers potential buyers a great value on a variety of custom furniture pieces that can be passed down for generations. American production also allows for a faster completion and delivery compared to import pieces which can be much pricier and take longer to arrive. Solid wood offers the customer a great “bang for their buck” while allowing the flexibility of custom furniture pieces made by companies close to our associates at Gladhill.


Maple Hill Lift DeskMaple Hill Lift Desk


Solid Wood will be an asset in any design project. Come see our solid wood options at Gladhill. You can look through our Online Show Room or schedule an appointment with one of Gladhill’s expert designers. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you get started on designing the exact furniture you need.