We get it. Caring for and maintaining anything can be hard. It doesn’t matter what it is - your kids, your pets, yourself - it takes effort that we don’t always have the energy for. But, caring for anything is a necessity. This same concept goes for your furniture.


Picture your home when all of your furniture was brand-spanking-new. It felt open, clean and inviting, right? Well, picture your home now. Does it have that same feeling? If it does, you’re doing amazing, sweetie! If it doesn’t, that’s okay! We’re here to give you all of the ways that you can care for and maintain the furniture in your home. 



Keep your wood furniture looking like new with the proper care. 


Wood Furniture 


1. Dust Regularly


Starting off pretty easy, dusting your wood furniture regularly is essential to keeping it looking clean and polished. You’ll want to use a soft, dry cloth or a microfiber duster to remove dust and dirt from the surface of your wood furniture. 


2. Avoid Direct Sunlight & Extreme Conditions


As much as sunlight can be good for you, it’s not always good for your wood furniture. Direct sunlight can cause the wood to fade or dry out over time. Keep your furniture away from windows, or use curtains or blinds to block out the sun’s rays. 


You’ll also want to avoid exposing your wood furniture to extreme heat or humid conditions. Keep it away from heat and air vents and open windows, and be sure the environment you have your wood furniture in is relatively consistent as fluctuating temperatures and humidity can cause wood to swell or shrink.


3. Use Coasters and Placemats


Your mom used to yell at you for not using coasters for a reason! She knew that it was a way to protect her wood furniture from water rings and stains. So you should do the same! Also consider placemats when using your table as a way to protect it from any food or drink that you might drop when eating your next meal. But beware: plastic or rubber materials could damage the finish of your wood furniture, so opt for a different type of material for your placemats.


But, as you well know, spills still do happen. So, be sure to wipe any spilled liquids away immediately with a slightly damp cloth. And here’s a tip: wipe in the direction of the wood grain!

4. Use Furniture Polish


Looking for your wood furniture to really get its shine back? The best way to do that is to use furniture polish that is specifically designed for wood furniture to really bring back its shine. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and to really be safe, test it on a small, inconspicuous area first. 


In general, you should avoid using lemon oils or oily polishes. These kinds of products can result in a cloudy finish as opposed to bright and shiny.

5. Repair Scratches and Chips


As you may know, wood furniture can be prone to scratches and chips over time. To fix these small imperfections, get your hands on a touch-up pen or wax stick to fill and blend them in with the surrounding area. And, to avoid having to make more repairs, keep disinfectants, alcohol, nail polish remover, perfume, after-shave and some medications away from wood furniture, as these are known to cause some serious damage to wood finishes.



Vacuum, rotate your cusions and blot spills to keep your upholstered furniture clean and pristine!


Upholstered Furniture


1. Vacuum Regularly


This is an essential step in the care and maintenance of your upholstery furniture! This will remove the dust and dirt that has collected over time. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to get into all the nooks and crannies, or invest in a small hand-held vacuum to get the job done. 


2. Rotate Cushions


Rotating your sofa, sectional or chair cushions will help distribute the wear and tear on them evenly. Have you ever sat in the middle of the sofa and sunk right to the frame? If you rotate your cushions, the life of your upholstered seating can be extended greatly!


3. Blot Spills Immediately


Don’t let spills linger! Blot them immediately with a clean, dry cloth to prevent them from setting in and causing stains. But, be sure to avoid rubbing or scrubbing the spot since this will just push the stain even deeper. 


4. Use Fabric Protectors


Take preventative action! Apply a fabric protector to your upholstered furniture to prevent stains and spills from damaging the fabric. 


5. Have It Professionally Cleaned


When it’s really time for a deep clean, professional upholstery cleaning can remove deep-seated dirt and stains, and extend the overall life of your furniture. Be sure to choose a reputable cleaner, whether they’re local or a chain, who uses eco-friendly and non-toxic products. 



Luxury lasts with the proper maintenance. 


Leather Furniture


1. Dust Regularly


Dust can collect on leather, so to quickly clean your leather furniture, simply use a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. 


2. Avoid Direct Sunlight


Like your wood furniture, you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight with your leather furniture as well. It can cause leather to fade and dry out over time, so use the same preventative practices as with your wood furniture by keeping it out of the sun or protecting it from the sun’s rays with curtains or blinds. 


Along with direct sunlight, you’ll also want to avoid heating sources in your home. Try to maintain at least two feet between your leather furniture and heat vents, space heaters, or fireplaces.

3. Clean Spills Immediately


Just like with upholstery, you’ll want to clean any spills that occur immediately with a clean, dry cloth to prevent permanent staining. However, unlike upholstery, you should avoid using water or soap, as this can cause damage to the leather. 


4. Use Leather Conditioner


Keep your leather furniture soft, supple, and utterly luxurious with the use of a leather conditioner. When looking for a product to purchase, choose a conditioner that is specifically designed for leather furniture. 

5. Have It Professionally Cleaned


This applies to your leather furniture as well as upholstered! Extend the life of your leather furniture with a professional cleaner when you need a deep clean, more than just dusting or cleaning a small spill.




Relax in the great outdoors with furniture that's like new!


Metal Furniture

1. Clean Regularly


Are you noticing a pattern? The first and easiest way to care for and maintain your furniture is to just simply do a quick clean. For metal, you’ll want to use a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.

2. Use Rust Inhibitor


More preventative action here! Keep your metal furniture looking sharp and clean by investing in a rust inhibitor. This will help to prevent your metal furniture from rusting over time. 


3. Touch Up Scratches


Just like with your car, be sure to touch up any scratches or chips with a touch-up paint. Or, if you’re looking to use something you have on hand, try using a clear nail polish to prevent rust from forming. 


4. Store Indoors


Is your patio furniture metal? If it is, bring it indoors during bouts of rain or other weather conditions to prevent it from being exposed to the elements. Yes, it takes a little more effort to move it all to another location, but it’ll be worth it in the long run when you’re using that same metal furniture years down the road. 


5. Use Furniture Covers


If you’d rather opt to not haul your metal furniture indoors, another option would be to use furniture covers. These covers will protect your metal furniture from the elements if you do decide to leave it all outside. 




And there you have it! Everything you need to keep your furniture spick and span. From quick and simple dusting, to deep cleaning using a professional, you’ll be able to care for and maintain your furniture for years to come.